Six most surprizing questions asked these days

Below are the isx most amzing question asked these days from canididates

(1)DO you think that your are a lucky person

(2)What you want to change from y..

Is Javascript a object oriented language

My point view is yes in some extents below is the different features that looks like that its a object oriented.

(1)Method dispatch with dot notation x.meth..

What are the containers in SSIS and types

As we know containers is like a buket or a box which can holds different objects. Similarly in SSIS it is a objects which stores tasks. And its primary purpose ..

Why Variables are most Powerful in SSIS

Because plays an important roles in SSIS. Variables help us to dynamically control the package at runtime. Below are the latest task that we can do with the he..

How many type of Indexing can table have

There are 5 combination of indexing in sql which is applicable on table

(1)No indexes

(2)A clustered index

(3)A clustered index and many noncluster..

Some of the silent features of Office 365 Development Tools

Below are the 3 main features of office 365 development tools

(1)Create and manage projects

(2)Develop Apps

(3)And share and publish of apps