Error A project with an Output type of Class Library cannot be started directly

This may occur when you have more then 1 project added to the projects. To resolev this we need to set the starup project by right click on the project which ne..

Advantage of table variable over temporary table

Both of these tables are similar but temporary table except with some more flexibility.One of this is that it is not physically stored in the hard disk it alway..

What is SharePoint Object Model

There are two main aspects of object model in sharepoint.

(1)Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects.


How many Mirrored Server can be placed in Database Mirroring

We can place only 1 mirror server in Datbase Mirroring setup

Different background process exists in 11gr2

Below are the different background process exists in 11gr2

(1)CRSD - CRS daemon usually manages cluster resources based on configuration information


What is Clusterware

These are the software that provides various interfaces and services for a cluster are called Clusterware.

(1)This allow the cluster to be managed as a who..