Different collection types used in csharp

Below are the list of collection types used in csharp






(6)Bit Array

Some Facts About Partial Class

Below are 3 facts in partial class which will effect the whole class

(1)The name of every part of partial class should be same but source file name for each..

Classes Objects Attributes Modifiers and keywords

As we know classes are special kinds of templates where we can create objects. And Object contains data and methods to manipulate to data. Each class header inc..

Difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable

There are mainly 4 difference in IQueryable and IEnumberable. Below are the points for the same

(1)IEnumerable Namespace is System.Collections and for IQuer..

Six most surprizing questions asked these days

Below are the isx most amzing question asked these days from canididates

(1)DO you think that your are a lucky person

(2)What you want to change from y..

Is Javascript a object oriented language

My point view is yes in some extents below is the different features that looks like that its a object oriented.

(1)Method dispatch with dot notation x.meth..