What do you mean by WCF and WPF and WWF

WPF is also known as AVALON its basically a presentation platform provided by Microsoft. Its a rich client applications which have full graphical capabilities . Its provide powerful, flexible programming model also integrates support for flexible layout, high-quality resolution-independent graphics, animation, video and 3D. Basically it is designed to provide the full capabilities of the high-performance graphics cards, it offers high-level abstractions
that offer great power to the developer for less development effort than ever before.

WCF is also knowon as Indigo . Its a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems comes with asp.net 3.0 and 3.5 and for asp.net 2.0 user have to install the MS add in component for WCF. . WCF comes up as a replacement for Remoting and Web service in dotnet. It can use the protocols like Http and TCP comes with default windows based security feature. The componets WCF are data contract, Service Contract and the Service programme. WCF can be extended to use protocols other than SOAP to communicate with Web services

WWF is also known as WORKFLOW .We can automate all the process there may be some points in a process will require interaction from a human, device or perhaps even another system. A workflow is the steps in a path a of process that takes into account points where interactions take place. Initally WWF engine will work in just Visual Studio 2005 for the moment but will soon be included in Biztalk and Sharepoint services.