Sql Server Interview Questions

How many type of Indexing can table have

Advantage of table variable over temporary table

Name of different normalization forms

Different way to do efficient transactions

Can you provide some of new backup encryption algorithm in sql 2014

Can we gernate Schema from FOR XML in Sql Server

New permission added in SQL 2014

What is FOR XML in Sql Server

Rules that need to follow when updating a View

New Feature Added in sql 2014 in Permissions

Backups Encryption in SQL Server 2014

In Memory OLTP engine limitation in sql2014

In Memory OLTP engine will supports which version

Feature of In Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014

Surface Area Configuration Tool in sql2005 and 2008

Logical processing of Select statement in SQl Server

What is Any operator in sql

Can we use case statements with order by keyword

Unicode Compression in SQl Server 2008 r2

Different edition for SQL Server 2008 r2

What is a materialized view in SQL

Why to use nullif Function

What is DQS in sql 2012 and its usage

Advantage and Disadvantages of using GUID as primary key

Get common records from two table in SQL

Differential backups is same as incremental backups

can we do backed up mirrored database

What is CTE in Sql

In which condition we need to use self join

Components thats need to be configured when doing on failover clustered

What is Failover clusters in sql server

Some basic idea to design database

Number of index in sql 2005 and 2008

Can we define index for single column

Can we disable any login name temporarily from sql

What is AdventureWorks in sql server

How can we restore new version to older version in sql

Can we restore sql 2012 to 2005 or 2008 version

What is OPENXML in sql

What is Sql Server Reporting Services

What do you mean by Data purging in sql

Different logical database components in sql

Different limitaion or restrictions on view

What do you mean by SQL Server English Query

Can we insert more then one row in table from one insert statement

Different option to access Windows File System

Why to use Btree structure and types of nodes

Which statements helps to manipulate permissions in SQL

Some thing about Catelog View

Different task to secure our data and server

Why to use SQL Alias

Usefull tips to increase performance of sql query

What is CTE and its type

When we get error Insufficient Resources in sql

Different Sql server 2012 certification for MCSE

Which dll is used to translate SQL to XML in IIS

Explain Job in SQL

Function of SSIS SSAS and SSRS

Different edition of Sql Server 2012

What is LocalDB edition in SQL

What is Hadoop and is it a part of Sql Server 2012

Name of three recovery models in Sql 2000

What is Performance Monitor in SQL Server

What is Parallel Data Warehouse and its features

What is Describe and sp helptext

Name of four languages used in SSAS

What is SSIS in Sql

Limit for PrimaryKey in sql and MS Access

Use of TOP and Percent with select statement

What is point in time recovery

Different extensions of files relates to database

Something about size of database in sql server 2000

Differene between Subquery and Join

Can a not null constraint colomn contains blank value

Difference between where and having clause

Who replaces Query Analyzer in sql 2005

Maximum number of parameter which we can send in store procedure

How to choose when we doing on database design either OLTP or OLAP

Can we call a trigger from store procedure

Difference between Implicit and Explicit Transaction

What is an alias and difference between alias and synonym

Difference between group by and order by

What do you think table have more than one foreign key

Can you instantiate a COM object by using T SQL

Method to move data between different server in SQL

DBCC commands used for database maintenance

Different way to secure an SQL Server

Constraints and its types

What is index covering of query in sql

What are effects of sql indexing

Name of Store procedure to add a linked server

Different aspect to improve the performance of sql query

How to measures performance of query in SQL

What is bit datatype and what can we store in it

Restrictions while creating batches in SQL Server

What is log Cache in sql server

What is buffer cash in Sql Server

What do you mean by logon trigger

Any idea about sixth normal form

What is the purpose of using SET ANSI NULLS ON

Where SQL Server Actually Store Data

What is Page Split in SQL

What is the use of Workload governor in SQL

Can we partition a table or a view in SQLserver

Which cursor helps you to detect changes in underlying data

Define function available in catch block of SQL

Different property of subquery

What is Composite Indexes in SQL Server


What is pessimistic locking

Different ways to move data or database between server and databases

What is SubQuery and its advantage

what editions of SQLServer data base support database mirroring

Three advantage of using temporary table

Different types of Security Functions

What is NullIf function in sql

What is index tuning

Why to use SET ANSI NULLS ON in store procedure

Is it possible to link SQL Server with Oracle server

What is default recovery model for SQL Server

Can we apply identity column to decimal datatype

Objects thats need to delete explicitly in database

What do think View occupy memory space or not

maximum number of tables we use for joins in a single query

Syntax to disable trigger

What do you mean by SQL Server Parameter sniffing

what are the magic tables

Can we create non primary key as cluster index

Difference between cluster and non cluster index in sql

Optimization Tips in sql

Transaction log file contains what

How to do insert update and delete statement in sql

Why Group BY and Order By clause are so expensive

Different objects of sql server

What is the default value of int datatype

Is it possible to create foreign key without primary key

What is MDF NDF and LDF in sql server

SQL keywords that are used to change or set permissions

Merge statement in sql server 2008

What is Trace frag in SQL

Different properties and Types of SubQuery

What are the default system table included in every database

What is synonym in sql

Features of SQL SERVER 2008 R2

What is Identity

Sequence of SQL statement are processed

objects in SQL Server

What is Table Sample in SQLServer2008

What is Pivot and Unpivot

Can we call a Trigger in store procedure

What is a Linked Server

What is Service Broker

Table which doesnot have cluster or noncluster index is called

What is SQL Profiler

What is one to one and one to many and many to many relationship

Different type of Collation Sensitivity

Why not to use prefix sp in store procedure

What is the advantage of SET NOCOUNT ON

what is Sphinx,Shiloh,Yukon,Katmai,Denali


What do you mean by Identity

Difference Between GETDATE and SYSDATETIME

Why to use SQL Sequence and its drawbacks

What do you mean by SQL Posting

What is Filtered Index in SQL

When and where to use STUFF function in SQL Server and how it is different from replace

Why and when to Use UPDATE STATISTICS command

What is Linked Server in SQL Server

Different ways of moving data from databases

What is LOCK escalation

How and when to use LIKE statement

What are the different index configurations a table can have

Define some facts about Temporary table and there types

find out how much space is used in my transaction log

Get top two records without Top keyword

What do you mean by KEYSET Cursor

Here are some instruction when creating a store procedure to increase speed

Size of Clustered NonClustered in 2005 and 2008

Difference between Set and Select

What is Network Packet Size in SQL

How many different locks in SQL SERVER

What is the use of OLAP

What do you mean by Filtered indexes

Provide all the built in string function of SQL SERVER

what is difference between candidate key and primary key

How to get number of Maximum connection can be establish to SQL

What are Sparse Columns in Sql Server2008

Different index configurations table in SQL

How many objects SQL Server contains

How to get detail of error of sql from command prompt by error number

Why we avoid permitting null values

Diffrence between Extents and Page

Diffrence between varchar and nvarchar

Change Tracking in SQL Server 2008

Why we use SET ROWCOUNT in Sql

Why we use Unicode In Sql server

What is a join and List different types of joins

Difference between Triggers and Storedprocedures

How does .NET and SQL SERVER thread is work

Diffrence between temp table and table variable

How many types of local table in sql define with syntax

What is Store Procedure

How to get all the parameter of store procedure through query

What is SQL tuning

What is SQL injection

What is SET operator in SQL SERVER

How ROW_NUMBER function helps and what is its functioning

Can you define ROLLUP in SQL SERVER 2005

What about the SQL SERVER 2008

How many records can take clustured index in sql

What is Cascade and Restrict when we use DROP table in SQL SERVER

Some Tips when Optimizing Sql Server 2005 Query

What is SQL whats its uses and its component

What is heap table in SQL SERVER

What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET 2.0

How many types of local tables in SQL SERVER

How to load .NET code in SQL SERVER 2005

Where .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run

What are Checkpoint in SQL Server

Can You explain integration between SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005

What is the diffrence between SQL and Pl Sql

What is the difference between UNION ALL Statement and UNION

Write some disadvantage of Cursor

What is Log Shipping and its purpose

What are the null values in SQL SERVER

Write a Role of Sql Server 2005 in XML Web Services

What are the different types of Locks

Explain some SQL Server 2000 Query

What is Write ahead log in Sql Server 2000

What do u mean by Extents and types of Extends

What is different in Rules and Constraints

What is defaults in Sql Server and types of Defaults

What Is Database

what is Relational Database

What is COMMIT and ROLLBACK statement in SQL

What is diffrence between OSQL and Query Analyzer

What is Data Integrity and its categories

SQL Server runs on which TCP IP port and From where can you change the default port

What is the use of DBCC commands

What is the difference between a HAVING CLAUSE and a WHERE CLAUSE

When do you use SQL Profiler

Can you explain the role of each service

What is Normalization

Can you explain what View is in SQL

How to get which Process is Blocked in SQL SERVER

Can you tell me the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands

What are the Global Temporary Tables

What are the advantage of User Defined function over store procedure

Define basic functions for master and msdb and tempdb databases in Sql Server

What is Cursor

What is Collate in SQL SERVER2000

What is difference between OSQL and Query Analyzer